FlashPPT generates SWF Flash movies from Microsoft Office PowerPoint files

FlashPPT generates SWF Macromedia Flash movies from Microsoft Office PowerPoint presentations, maintaining the best original video and audio quality, texts, font sizes, colors, lines, circles, rectangles, etc.

These converter allows user to share and broadcast previous MS PowerPoint presentations on Windows, Linux, Macintosh and portable PCs, to keep all the presentation opportunities available, and to upload them to the web.

The application takes care of the conversion and users will get professional style Flash files without any flash programming knowledge needed.

Since Macromedia Flash is an independent plattform, user can take his (her) own presentations, made by means of Microsoft Office PowerPoint program, converte them with FlashPPT, and display them on any computer, with any operating system, and not needing any program previously installed.

Three simple steps:

a: Select an MS PowerPoint file in user computer as well as an output folder also in user computer.

b: Set convert options, choosing the output display speed.

c: Start to convert. This command will open MS PowerPoint and convert the file. Now user can see the SWF file or Open the folder where the ouput is saved, to find the SWF output file and HTM file for web presentation.

Ignacio Solves
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  • Easy to use
  • Not any programming skill needed


  • Unregistered version doesn't pay attention to ALL powerPoint slides
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